Hypnotherapy is a method of establishing a deep state of relaxed consciousness during which one may receive messages directly to the brain receptors, thus allowing for powerful suggestions to impact change. Please utilize theses recordings only for their intended purpose. Do not play these in an automobile or at any time when you are unable to be completely relaxed.

Hypnotherapy for RELAXATION:
De-Stress your life:
Statistics about the relationship of stress to health issues are staggering!
Whether you experience general anxiety (or depression), have trouble sleeping, have a difficult job (or boss), or just seem to be engulfed by the hectic pace of our culture,  this CD can help. Listen daily for at least 30 days to learn relaxation techniques that have been proven for centuries. Help train your mind to remain calmer and to feel more in control…then go and ask for that raise!

Hypnotherapy to STOP SMOKING:
Stop Smoking:
Have you tried gum, patches, medications or just plain “cold turkey” to quit smoking and find that you continue to smoke?  Although these aids may be helpful, most people will relapse and smoke again if they encounter a stressful situation or other “trigger”.  Through hypnotherapy, you learn to relax through the quitting process and,  because your unconscious mind is being programmed to be a NON-SMOKER, your chances of remaining smoke free greatly improve!  Listen at least once a day for 30 days and see the results for yourself!  Be sure to put the money you will save aside for that great vacation or new car!

Hypnotherapy for WEIGHT LOSS:
Lose  Weight:
Diets don’t work!  Science has proven that what is necessary for healthy, sustained weight loss is a CHANGE of CONCIOUSNESS and a new way of thinking about and approaching food.  So, no more yo yo diets, pills or costly exercise equipment. Exercise will always help you to be healthier and of course it is encouraged. However, if you listen at least once a day to this CD for a minimum of 30 days, you will see results.  Your self image will become more positive and you will lose weight effortlessly and comfortably…just as nature intended!